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If you are looking for help to file your personal taxes with one or multiple T4’s, we can help you get your taxes filed on the same day and ensure the accuracy and maximization of the tax refund.


We provide instant refunds to our clients for any refund over $300. We do not charge any fees on the discounted return when the tax refund is over $300.

Return Discount Charges (No Separate Fees)


  • Less than $300 refund – 15%
  • Over $300 refund – $45 + 5% on amount over $300


Do you trade or invest in non-registered accounts? If you do, then we can file your tax return and help you minimize your taxes.


Do you have a rental business? if you do, then we have you covered. We can file your tax return on the same day and help you in tax planning to minimize your total tax payment.

Research beyond the business plan

Following are the documents/information required for personal income tax return filing. However, this list is not complete. Please book an appointment to discuss your personal tax situation to complete your personal tax returns.

  • First name (as per CRA record)
  • Middle initial (as per CRA record)
  • Last name (as per CRA record)
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Date of Birth (yyyy/mm/dd)
  • Gender
  • Marital Status on the last day of the year
  • Are you a Canadian Citizen?
  • Did you sell a home in the last year?
  • Are you a First-time home buyer?
  • Are you filing your tax return for the first time?
  • Is this your first return after landing in Canada, then please provide landing date?
  • Are you working from home?
  • Last Year’s notice of assessment
  • T4
  • RRSP
  • Donation Receipt
  • Rental Income Business
  • Share Trading in Non-Registered Accounts
  • Address – Has it been changed recently?
  • Phone Number
  • First Time Donor
  • Greater than $100k in foreign property
  • Dependent/Children information if they are less than 18 years old
  • Dependents’ SIN, Names, Date of Birth
  • Medical Receipts
  • Student Loan Interest Expenses
  • Use Business Number RSL 7445911892 for authorization into my CRA account
  • Tuition Fees Receipts

Tax filing is a complicated task. For this reason, you must seek professional advice to file your taxes. Without professional help, you can either lose money, or you may have some tax issues in the future with the CRA.

Creating a list of potential qualified prospects for your service or product can be daunting when you’re beginning your business. However, this needs to be considered as a follow up on your Target Market Analysis so you can hit the ground running.


Contact us, and we will be able to aid you with filing your taxes in a fast and efficient manner while ensuring you get the highest return possible.

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