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You will need to register for HST if:


  • You make taxable sales, leases or other supplies in Canada which exceed $30k.
  • You are not a small supplier (i.e., you sell more than $30k in 4 consecutive quarters.)
  • You are a self-employed taxi driver or commercial ride-sharing driver such as Uber even if the sale is less than $30k in 4 consecutive quarters.

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Deadlines for HST Return

  • Monthly: One month after the end of the month for payment and return submissions.
  • Quarterly: One month after the end of the quarter for payment and return submissions.
  • Annually: Three months after the end of the fiscal year.
  • For individual (Annually): Payment deadline is April 30th and the deadline to find the HST Return is June 15th.

Other Information

The HST Rate in New Brunswick is 15%. 5% Federal and 10% Provincial.

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